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NOUVEAUTE : Keyboard set

Supertramp, Elton John, Beatles, Phil Collins,

Doobie Brothers, Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel




The Whirlwind / Overture                  Transatlantic

The Best of Times                           Dream Theater

Wither                                             Dream Theater

Forsaken                                         Dream Theater

Glasgow Kiss                                     John Petrucci

New Millennium                               Dream Theater

Pull me Under                                  Dream Theater

Hell's Kitchen                                  Dream Theater 

Never Enough                                 Dream Theater

Lines in the Sand                             Dream Theater

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Mary                                                Black Bomb A

Bring me to Life                                Evanescence

Magnum PI                                          Mike Post

Losfer Words (Big'Orra)                       Iron Maiden 

Seasons Change                                  Anastacia

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Money                                                    Pink Floyd

Shine on you crazy diamond                   Pink Floyd

Another brick in the wall pt I, II, III        Pink Floyd

Young lust                                              Pink Floyd

Hey you                                                  Pink Floyd

Wish you were here                                Pink Floyd

If you love somebody                              Sting

New year's day                                        U 2

Where the streets have no name             U 2

Sunday bloody sunday                              U 2

Mysterious day                                         U 2

One                                                          U 2

We'll be together                                     Sting

Come together                                        Beatles

Money for nothing                                   Dire Straits


Superstittion                                          Stevie Wonder

La bombe humaine                                 Telephone

Cream                                                    Prince

Honky tonk women                                 Rolling Stones

Aeroplane                                              Red Hot

Cold turkey                                            John Lennon

Little wing                                             Jimmy Hendrix

Europa                                                   Carlos Santana

Argent trop cher                                     Telephone

Kiss                                                        Prince

I shoot the sheriff                                  Bob Marley

Mustang sally                                         Bonnie Rice

Hotel California                                        Eagles


Cocaïne                                                  Eric Clapton

Purple rain                                              Prince

Unchain my heart                                   Joe Cocker

Can't stand losing you                             Police

Temps à nouveau                                    Jean-L Aubert

Long train running                                   Doobie Bros

Comfortably numb                                   Pink Floyd

You don't fool me                                    Queen

Smoke on the water                                 Deep Purple

Requiem pour un con                               Gainsbourg


Nous nous désaimerons                            Art Mengo

What's going on                                        M. Gaye

Barbes                                                      F.F.F

Wrapped around your finger                     Police

Georgy porgy                                            Toto

Morgane de toi                                          Renaud

It's only love                                              Bryan Adams

Imagine                                                     John Lennon

In the flesh                                                Pink Floyd

Mother                                                       Pink Floyd

Don't leave me now                                    Pink Floyd

Magdeleine                                                 Art Mengo

Don't stand so close to me                          Police

Many rivers to cross                                    Jimmy Cliff

One of my turns                                          Pink Floyd

Desire                                                          U 2

Bateau sous la terre                                   Jean-L Aubert

Run like hell                                               Pink Floyd

Tea in the sahara                                        Sting

Breathe - time - breathe                             Pink Floyd


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